Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Book review - The Secrets of Crickley Hall

I'd been putting together a Halloween reading list at work and this came out as the top book to read for the end of the month. It's also going to be a BBC drama, so I wanted to read it before I see it on screen.

The Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert is a perfect Mummy chiller, ok it's good for everyone but if you're a mama it will pull at the heartstrings even more.

Word of warning, there's a few spoilers below, but nothing that will ruin your read.

There's two storylines, one follows the 11 evacuee orphans who drowned in a flood at Crickley Hall during WWII, and one follows the Caleigh family who move to the hall to get away from their London house and it's associations with their missing middle son. Five year old Cam went missing almost a year earlier, in a playground when his exhausted mama fell asleep.

I don't read horror very often (I don't think my nerves could stand it) and I experienced all the classic symptoms with this book, I had to keep the light on and keep reading until hubs came to bed, when reading at night I had to keep looking up to make sure no dark shadow was in the room, and I held back tears when you found out what happened to the little Jewish evacuee and little Cam Caleigh. Above all I had to keep on reading, I stayed up layer and almost missed my train stop because I was so engrossed.

If you're looking for a scary (but ultimately satisfying) read this October, I thoroughly recommend you give this a try.

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