Sunday, 16 December 2012

Homemade Christmas - cat baubles

I found some really cute papier mache cat models in Hobbycraft and thought it would be nice to paint then in the colours of friends cats, dip them in glitter and give as tree decorations at Christmas.

Credit - HobbyCraft

What started out as two has become a whole army/herd of cats. Here's how to do it:

1. Paint a base coat. If you're getting a toddler to help this is a part he can do. I used kids poster paint and needed to do 2 layers. Leave to dry.

2. Paint on distinct markings (too tricky for my toddler). The black cat was easiest as he just needed a few white whiskers on his chest. Eyes and noses are painted now but go easy on the whiskers as they'll get glittered on later. Tabbies were the trickiest as lots of different stripes, so lots of drying time in between building up the colours. Leave to dry.

3. Paint feet the same colour as cat and then add paddy paws in pink paint.

4. Paint with glitter paint. I bought the already made up in bottles of gold and sparkly white. Choose the glitter to suit the cat's colours. Black and ginger cats got gold, tabby and grey cats got white. Leave to dry and if needed add another layer.

4. Draw on whiskers, I used gold and silver metallic sharpie pens.

5. To make the collars I bought some little red and gold ribbon bows with tiny gold bells from Hobbycraft. I then pulled each bow loop further, so the two ends were hardly showing and used a dab of superglue to secure the two loops at the back of the cat's neck.

6. Tie on the decoration hanger (this bit turns them from being a cat model to a Christmas tree decoration). I found some gorgeous red and white striped string in Waterstones. Cut between 20 - 30cm string depending on how long you want the hanger to be. Put the centre of the sting under the cat's tummy and tie in a double knot, the knot the two ends at the top together and snip off any excess. (I tried putting the string around the collar, kitty looked like he'd hung himself and around the tail, kitty did a nose dive, so round the tummy gives the best hanging position).


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