Monday, 11 February 2013

A weekend in Wiltshire

We spent the weekend visiting my parents in Wiltshire, my brother and sister-in-law stayed too.

Photos courtesy of my brother!

It was a wet and windy weekend, so we stayed inside for much of the time, though Granny, Charlie and Uncle S did venture out into the garden.

- Daddy and Mummy staying warm
- C playing in the garden
- Spring is on it's way - snowdrops in the garden
- Digging the parsnips for Sunday lunch with Granny. They dug up an octopus parsnip which C loved and after it had been washed he carried it around the house with him (he still refused to eat parsnips at lunch though).
- Sheep in the barn
- Cat in the house - Willow seemed a little more mellow with C and occasionally let him have a stroke
- Collecting Grandad's toy rockets
- Playing the piano

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a lovely visit. Spring is in the air isn't it? x


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