Sunday, 13 October 2013

A rainy weekend

This weekend the three of us stayed at home, the weather has turned cold and it's been tipping down with rain. We had plenty of fun though, our weekend was mainly about a boy and his cat and yummy homemade meals, something like this:

Painting Thomas posters, he was given these for his birthday and we found them when we raided the craft box for rainy day inspiration.

Brio trains and Duplo, his bedroom has turned into a railway line, with a big station/farm in the middle.

Cheesy pasta bake. I also made tomato soup, leak and potato soup and beef stew this weekend! The boy is coming on strides with better eating, and ate 5 pieces of carrot as well as most of his tomato soup and pasta.

Playing with Baxter. Our little cat follows us around from room to room and loves to play with the boy. There was also plenty of chasing up and down the house with C after B or B after C and the toy mouse.

We also, went food shopping, scooted in the park, Daddy and C scrapbooked whilst I tidied up our junk room and watched a lot of films - Tinkerbell, Lady & the Tramp and Pirates in Adventures with Scientists.

Hooray for quiet family weekends.

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