Sunday, 15 June 2014

Pregnancy update - 31 weeks

After waiting so long to get this far, I can't quite believe we're well into the third trimester and only 9 weeks to go before we meet this little one.

Baby is currently the size and weight of a large coconut, from head to toe she's 41cm long and weighs c. 1.5kg. She is much more active then C ever was, with long periods of time at the start and end of the day spent kicking and pushing and generally moving around. At the 28 week check she was breach, but she made a massive movement the following week, so I'm hoping that now she has turned around.

Mama is getting a bigger bump every day. This bump is much higher than with C, little feet (or head) is high up pushing into my chest so I'm getting lots of indigestion this time around. Beginning to get tired again, feet are swelling a little in the heat and uncomfy at night. But I know that it's all worth it and every time she kicks it's reassuring that everything is all ok.

We're getting the nursery ready, all C's baby equipment has come out of storage and the first set of newborn clothes are washed and into the drawers. I've been given some extra things from a mama friend who's 2nd baby is now 6 months, plus we have a few more feminine items picked up over the last few months so she's not totally in boy's clothes! The nursery has some pretty terrible wallpaper, cream with red fleur de lis all over it and the carpet is dark red, so we're going for more of a red and white theme this time around. I'm putting together some ideas on this Pinterest board - Nursery for a Girl.

- Bump shadow on the beach
- Baby girl clothes
- Boy, bump, cat
- Baby clothes washed and ready
- Bump on the beach

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