Wednesday, 28 January 2015

24 weeks

At 24 weeks Eve:

- Has reached that frustrating age where she wants to get involved with EVERYTHING but can't crawl or talk to get what she wants.
- Is living in quarantine! Charlie has been off school with chickenpox since Thursday and although Eve's not caught it (yet) we are having to stay in to look after big brother. She's pretty grumpy with all her toys now and just wants to go for a walk.
- Can turn the pages of her board books (with help). We read 'That's Not My Fox', 'Wow Said the Owl' and 'Peekaboo Baby' with her, she gets very excited about books and tries to eat them. She also likes to listen to Charlie read his schools books.
- Loves Charlie, will happily watch him for ages. She reaches out to him and laughs at him.
- Loves Daddy, ditto to the above, except she gets ansty if she's not with me, so will get grumpy very quickly once I've left the room...
- Is still going through that screechy stage. She is very high pitched and gets cross very quickly when things don't go her way.
- Is incredibly drooley, we're going through 5 or 6 bibs a day at the moment.
- Is still not sleeping well. We're pretty much co-sleeping to help us get any sleep, but generally she wakes 4 or 5 times in the night. She starts off in her cot but after midnight tends to come in with us.
- Is turning blonde, her hair has really lightened up over the last few weeks.
- Tried our her highchair for the first time, we start weaning (and sleep training!) in two weeks.
- Is ever so smiley, her dimples are getting deeper and she loves attention.

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