Thursday, 12 March 2015

7 months old

At 30 weeks Eve:

- Is finally getting some sleep. She no longer sleeps in our room or co-sleeps with us at night. She stays in her room all night and for the last two nights has woken up 3 times a vast improvement on the 6 or 7 times she usually does.

- Has an appointment to see an allergy specialist in April. We'll be heading into London to get some help with her allergies. At the moment she breaks out in a face rash every day from something she or I have eaten. We've pin pointed tomatoes, red peppers and probably dairy, but there's definitely something else as each day I try to have a rash clear day and each day she get's one. We are keeping a food diary and have pin pointed some safe foods (broccoli, carrots, allergy free bread), but there's more we need to do to make sure she stops having daily reactions.

- She is so mobile, rolling and spinning can get her everywhere in a room v. quickly!

- Has added the word Charlie 'Gar ee' to her other words - cat 'at at' and Daddy 'da da da'. Still no sign of Mama.

1 comment:

  1. Gosh. 7 months already. Well done Eve on sleeping in your own room.

    I hope your allergy appointment gives you some answers and solutions.

    Kirsty @ Baby Bird & Mouse


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