Thursday, 1 October 2015

Working Mum reality

I'm seen a lot of online articles about how working mum's do it and wanted to add mine to the mix.

The reality is that I end up cramming as much housework into my 'free time' as is humanly possible. Take this morning. It's my day to collect the kids tonight, so I get the 6.39am train into work. I have an hour to get ready, in that hour I:

- Showered, dressed, did my make up, dried and straightened my hair to 'office standard' (as opposed to my less diligent weekend look).

- Oiled the hinges on the two windows in our shower room and the door for good measure. Now that the weather's turned one of the windows is seizing up.

- Let the cat out. Let the cat in. Fed the cat. Let the cat out. Let the cat in. He is fickle.

- Put the heating up a notch. We have it coming on for an hour in the morning and this morning was really chilly. The house is old with tall ceilings and is much much colder than our previous cosy flat.

- Did a full load of washing up. T had given the kids tea last night and not cleaned up after them.

- Made a cup of milk for E and a hot apple with lemon and honey for C as he came home with a cough from school. Put the cheerios on the side so T can find them.

-Put out the kids coats and bags in the hallway ready for Nana to collect when she picks them up from T later.

- Made myself a coffee. Only drank half of it.

- Gave E and C a quick 5 mins attention as they came downstairs just as I was about to leave.

But that one busy hour this morning means tonight I have a full hour and a half with them before bedtime.

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