Sunday, 18 August 2013

A weekend of family and friends

Apart from me suffering from a sudden and painful bad back since Friday evening, this weekend has been a perfect example of how the move has changed our lives for the better.

On Saturday we had friends over. Little Miss D is Charlie's age and I met her Mama through NetMums Meet a Mum when we were both pregnant. They moved to the countryside pretty soon afterwards and although we seem to only meet up once or twice a year we all get on really well when we do. Plus we had yet to meet little Master E, D's almost 7 month old baby brother. He is a lovely, chubby baby, reminding me a lot of C when he was that age, but sooo laid back.

The new house meant we could easily host a day here, we chatted and caught up, used the new Panini maker for lunch, had delicious home baked chocolate cake made by little Miss D and her mama and risked a walk to the park. The two toddlers loved the play park, C was enticed to try out a new slide because little Miss D did but then the rain started and so we splashed our way home in the sudden wind and rain with a broken buggy wheel.

Today we played host again and had Tom's brother, son and parents over for a barbeque. The weather stayed sunny (apart from a random 5 min shower just as we'd finished eating) and little cousin M was able to see our house for the first time. The two boys are both train mad, we had Thomas Take n Play spread out across the lounge and after lunch I took them up to Charlie's room and we got the brio tracks out. These two cousins get on so well now, it's lovely to watch them together, yes there are squabbles over toys, but there are plenty of hugs and kisses, plus little M had learned to say 'hello' since we last saw him, so he had fun saying it to Charlie throughout the afternoon.

Our kitten Baxter had a great time both days. At 10 weeks old he is incredibly friendly, a little scratchy and really brave, both days after 5 minutes getting used to the guests he was right in the middle of it, being petted and played with and generally running around everyone.

So suburban living continues to work well for us. The additional space means we can happily host at ours and have the room to fit everyone in.


From top, L-R - Cat fishing, driving the tractor in the play park (his favourite thing to do), scooting with Dad, Violet bear goes down the slide, C&D at the top of the climbing frame, more tractor driving for C, upside down cat, spotted belly cat, 2x Bax, cousins, on sheep with Daddy, cat fishing 2, cat  fishing 3.

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