Friday, 9 August 2013

Meet our new kitty

On Saturday we got a kitten!
I wanted a female to even up the boy girl ratio of our household and a tortoiseshell, because they're so pretty but there weren't any tortoiseshells around so we agreed to go and look at a tabby kitten. There were two tabbies a boy and a girl and of course the first one we caught was the boy, so we put him back, picked up the girl took her home.
Charlie was so excited, the carrier was strapped in next to his seat in the car and Penny our new kitten made little mewing noises all the way home. It was love at first sight for all three of us, she was so small, 8 weeks old and v pretty!
When we got home we opened the door of the carrier in the area we've made for her in the end room and after taking a few photos left Penny to get used to our house.

She came out of the carrier and ran under the table where she stayed. To give her time to adjust and with a three year old who could only focus on the new cat, we decided to leave the house. We went to buy kitten supplies as we'd waited to buy food and litter so we could get the same brands as she was used to.
By the time we got back Penny was so brave she came and let us stroke her, she ate her lunch and then followed us into the living room. It was as we were playing with her on the sofa that she rolled over and showed us her speckled belly and also the fact that she was definitely not a girl. So Penny has become Baxter, a mischievous, friendly, toddler tolerant (to an extent) kitten, and although we've only had him for a week, he's fitted into the household perfectly.

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