Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ten weeks old

At ten weeks Eve:

- Weighs 12lbs, still just a little bit above the 50th percentile.
- Moving more, she can now roll onto her side from her back and pushes herself to the side of the Moses basket at night.
- Very chatty, she loves cooing at her mobile which broke yesterday so we need to get a replacement.
- Starting to hold onto small things, the muslin, my hair, the toggle on my hoodie.
- Still fully breastfeeding, roughly for 5 hours a day spread across 8 or 9 feeds. A short feed around 5am, a long feed around 7am, a short feed around 9.30am, a long feed around midday, a middling feed around 2.15pm, a long feed around 4pm, then on and off  short feeding and snoozing from 6pm onwards until a final middling feed before bedtime at 9pm. Occasionally a super short feed at 3am.
- Her naps are getting into a pattern too with a short one in the baby carrier when I take Charlie to school, a long one around 10am, a middling one around 1pm and another long one from 3pm which starts off in the carrier when we collect Charlie, she then snoozes on and off in the evening before 9pm bedtime, when usually she'll sleep at least until 3am and quite often through till 5am.
- Has a super sad looking pout, I've yet to photo this because when she does my immediate reaction is to comfort that sad sad face! Usually when there's a sudden loud noise or if she wakes suddenly.
- Is a member of the library, we signed her up last week.
- Had her first visit into central London to Mummy and Daddy's offices in Piccadilly and London Bridge.

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