Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Getting washed

I used to have a shower daily and I knew that would stop once the baby arrived but the number of showers I've had in the last 7 weeks can be counted on one hand. 

Our shower is downstairs and our bath (sadly without shower attachment) is upstairs next to the nursery. Tom leaves early for work most days so finding time to shower or bathe in the morning is a skill I've yet to master. Ideally I'm looking to wash my hair every other day.Things that stop me are:

- Baby waking up early, this is a game killer once up I have to feed her and then usually she refuses to go back to sleep on her own, either she sleeps on me, or will be wide awake.
- Wide awake baby should be fine, she'll settle on her play mat happily, but 2 mins into my bath she'll be howling.
- Or I'll put her in the cot with her mobile and soft toys, which is fine for 5 minutes but after that she's howling.
- The boy waking up early and waking up the baby.
- The boy waking up early and so I help him get ready in the time I'd normally get ready and baby waking just after he's ready and I'm not.
- Baby awake most of the night, so I opt to lie in rather than shower.

I am so looking forward to Eve getting a little bigger so we can get a routine in place!

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  1. Oh I remember this so well! I got something called a Ringo/ play ring for mine which I could prop them up in and they could look around whilst I was in the shower/ still see me. I seem to remember it was quite effective…until they started trying to climb out of it!


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