Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Seven weeks old

At seven weeks Eve is:

- Much more vocal, she makes 'ahh goo' noises when she is happy.
- More aware of what's around her, she loves looking up at the sky and watching her Daddy and big brother play.
- Moving more, she kicks with her feet and grabs out with her hands, she is beginning to love spending time (5 mins tops!) on her play mat.
- Sleeping well, usually waking up for a feed twice a night around 12pm and 4am.
- Wearing 0-3 month clothing and it fits well now instead of being too big - pink dungarees, denim pinnafore, leggings (a LOT of leggings), white 'Love' and pink and purple polka dot long sleeved T-shirts, pink and blue cat socks.
- At weigh in last Wednesday she was 10lbs, 2oz, a full 1lb put on in weight since the fortnight before.
- Her eyes have lightened and are blue like her Daddy's and brother's. Her hair is light brown, much lighter at the front than the back.
- Went for her first day trip to the seaside on Sunday.
- Has had play dates with baby friends Chloe, Poppy, Olivia and Lenny.

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