Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Our week - 1st September 2014

This week has been mixed, learning to look after two children at once is very hard. Charlie has been really good, but it will take a while for him and me to get used to our days with a little sister to look after!

[Point of note, I've been writing this post over the last two week and have only now completed it as I just haven't had the time to sit down and do it all at once!]

The lowlights

My Aunt died last week and we'll be going to her funeral on Monday. This was her 3rd time fighting cancer and she had just reached her 70th birthday before passing away. I am so sad, she was spirited, quick witted and interesting and will be greatly missed.

Sickness has been rife in our household, Charlie caught tonsillitis at nursery, so missed his last day. He was pretty miserable for a few days with a high temperature, big swollen glands in his neck and gunky eyes, then the antibiotics kicked in and he was fine again by Tuesday.

Tom also caught it, but refused to go to the doctors, so he's been ill for over a week. I caught it a week after the boys, my throat swelled up but luckily on the day I caught it I also started a course of antibiotics and they seem to have started to clear it up. The only one not sick is little Eve; she's getting antibodies through my milk. Needless to say everyone has been grumpy and tired all week.

Monday, my first solo day with both children was a bit of a write off. Charlie was sick and Eve had kept me awake from 2am - 5am, I'd finally got back to sleep and Charlie got up at 5.30am! We pretty much stayed in the living room all day watching TV and playing snakes and ladders. Eve wanted to feed constantly and Charlie just wanted to be hugged.

The highlights

Thursday was Charlie's first day at school and he loved it. After a couple of months of him worrying and not wanting to start school he had a brilliant time. Plus he was completely over the tonsillitis so able to attend and enjoy his day.

Eve has just about started to smile, mostly it's wind but a few times it's definitely been because Tom and I have been talking and smiling at her :) She's also looking around much more and loves staring at her black and white books as I change her.

Tuesday, my 2nd solo day with both was much much better, Charlie was feeling more like himself and Eve had had a better night.

Poorly boy playing with a sticker book

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