Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fifteen weeks

At 15 weeks Eve:

- Likes Mama, Daddy, Charlie, milk, napping on someone, watching other babies, bouncin' bunnies song time, her mobile, kicking on her play mat, watching, being snuggled up in the sling, warm baths, going fast in the car and rolling from side to side,

- Dislikes the bouncy chair, getting stuck in traffic, being left too long on the play mat, sudden noises, brotherly pokes, not getting milk on time (all the time), Baxter walking across her and being put in the cot awake,

- Three and a half months is all about learning new things. Every time I put her on the play mat she gets more active, rolling on each side and grabbing and chewing on toys.

- Baxter cat followed us to Boppin Bunnies this week, he came so far with us we had to go back home to get him to stop following.

- We had three baby friends over yesterday for a film afternoon. We watched Frozen and ate popcorn and natchos.

- We've had a couple of Christmas shopping trips to Bluewater. E got grumpy v quickly and a lot of time was spent feeding and soothing her.

- We watched the Christmas parade and saw the lights on the tree turned on. E slept but Charlie got to meet Santa.

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