Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Sixteen and Seventeen weeks

Oops we missed a week there, so at 16 & 17 weeks Eve:

- Weighs 13lbs 7oz, for the first time she's dropped just below the 50th centile (due to being poorly last week). she's 2lbs lighter then her brother was at 16 weeks.

- Had her 2nd lot of vaccinations and was poorly with a fever for 3 days culminating in a loss of appetite and raised red rash on her neck. We took her to the urgent care centre just to be sure it wasn't anything more serious.

- Rolled over from her back to tummy for the first time, though she's not repeated it again! She can also get her head up now, so is enjoying tummy time much more then previously.

- Started having 200mls of formula in the evenings, she seems extra hungry then just as my milk supply is getting low, so we've introduced a bottle.

- Having some bad nights, possibly because it's gotten really cold, but for the last 4 night's she's not settled when I've put her in her cot, she wakes back up and shouts. She has also started waking up throughout the night, 4 -5 times (7 times last night!) so Mummy is v tired.

- Wearing Charlie's old 6-9 month snow suit, she's so long it fits pretty well.

- Finished our December term of Boppin' Bunnies, with lots of nice Christmas songs. We've put our names down for the Spring term as she (and I) both enjoy it and she has a gigantic sleep afterwards!

- Met Father Christmas (again), this time a traditional green and white Father Christmas as William Morris' Red House, a National Trust property just round the corner from our house.

- Loves staring at the Christmas tree lights, she's completely fascinated by them.

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