Sunday, 13 January 2013

At 32 months (two and a half)

Only 4 months until he's 3, I can't quite believe that the baby days are gone and a cheeky, smart, quick witted little boy has emerged.

You speak in long sentences, up to 10 - 15 words. You play with rhyming sounds, making up names for everyone and giggling when I call you 'Charlie Farley Macanary'.

You can mostly sing the alphabet song and recognise letters. This morning you found a game on my phone which was a bit too old for you and I couldn't quite believe that when I told you which letters to find to spell the word you knew most of them, just muddling up similar shapes like 'y' and 't'.
You've gone off jigsaws a little, but can still do them v quickly. Auntie Pam gave you a set of 4 train ones and you do these well.

Your favourite toy is still the little black wooden train. Apart from nursery he goes most places with you and you don't sleep without him.

After your illness over the Christmas hols you've got bad at going to sleep on your own. Preferring to shout from your room for up to 50 mins. We pampered you at first, going in to pull the covers up or refill your water or read a story but enough is enough, we are now in the midst of enforcing no more visits to your room after bedtime.

We gave you a red and black scooter for Christmas and have had a few scooter playdates with little miss C in the park. You're slight hesitance and careful nature really stand out. C whizzes off, wobbly but fast and you'd rather stay close, be pushed and not go too fast. I hope a few more sessions will help get your confidence up and soon you'll be tearing around on scoot scoot.

You're incredibly loving and even on the busiest mornings you demand a hug on the sofa before getting ready. You're too fidgety to snuggle for long but you love hugging and climbing all over me.
You're rapidly devouring stories and the books I read to you now are much more complicated then only a few months ago. You can listen to and understand much longer tales, as long as there's a picture to see as well you're happy. You also love it when I make up stories for you, usually on the walk to nursery and usually about three diggers (you're a little obsessed with diggers and cranes).

Sleep is becoming much better, as long as you don't have a leaky night-time pull up, then you will sleep through to about 7.30am or even 8am on the weekend, though you tend to know if one of us gets up early on a week day and are usually up by 6am. Today (Sunday) I've snuck into the living room as quiet as possible so I can catch up on this blog without waking you (or Daddy) up.

Today I have promised you that we'll get the trains out again, so I must sort that out. It's also predicted to snow a little, so hopefully we'll get to go outside in it and have some fun.

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  1. What a fantastic post - such a beautiful description of your happy little chappy. One to read when he is all grown up so you can remember him as a toddler. Lovely. x


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