Wednesday, 9 January 2013

At the moment I'm...

- Looking forward to our office move to Piccadilly in Feb, no more 5am starts for me.

- Wishing I had time to properly clean the house, floors need vacuuming, washing needs doing, shelves need dusting and beds need changing.

- Wearing my lovely secret Santa scarf.

- Waiting for the 6.25am train, walk to station was perfect, at the exact time the rain had stopped but the air felt fresh and clean and the dawn chorus is in full swing.

- Thinking about the amazing chocolate mousse cake I made from a Nigella recipe at the weekend, there's one cheeky piece left waiting for me tonight.

- Worrying about the cost of a new laptop, ours went kaput on Sunday.

- Planning all the beautiful places we can take Charlie with the National Trust membership we were given for Christmas.

- Drinking decaff coffee, I've given caffeine up for a month.

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