Sunday, 6 January 2013

Photo Year 2012

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections. A look back on my favourite photos from the past year.
I saw this on The Paper Mama last year and wrote this post for 2011, I know there's lots of these memes floating around for 2012, but I really liked the themes on this one, so here's my photo year 2012:

Me! - picture of yourself (you don't have to show your face). What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2012? Here I am, it's my favourite photo of me ever, as a (photoshopped) bride from our wedding day in Feb. Most proud of getting married! It took us 13 years, but we got around to it eventually and I love the fact that my son Charlie could share it with us.

I Love You - picture of your husband, boyfriend, children, pets, etc. Tom, my husband, taken at the same time as my wedding photo above.

Still Laughing... - a moment you're still laughing about now...tell us a story. My cheeky, silly boy, Nana gave him pants for his 2nd birthday and little man thought it hilarious to run around with them on his head (we did too!).

Winter Wonderland - a picture that reflects Winter. It snowed at the end of January, on the night of my hen! I came back from an amazing night out to an beautiful white world. We had a lovely afternoon with C and our friends in the park, building snowmen and sledging.

Birthday - share a birthday picture (your own or someone you love). C's 2nd birthday, I took the day off work to make that cake! I used the same vanilla sponge recipe as the one I'd used for my wedding cake in Feb, and it took all day to make it, but well worth the effort, it was yummy.

Friends - a picture with friends (this could be your friends or your children with their friends).: This year C got a best friend, little Miss C. She started at his nursery and they are inseparable.

I Was Inspired... - could be a picture of your inspiration (person or thing), or inspired by...: I wanted to do something special with our wedding photos and was inspired by some amazing home decor posts from Mandy at A Sorta Fairytale to make a feature wall of our wedding memories.

Spring Fever - a picture that reflects Spring. Our wedding was in the spring and this was the view from the 18th Century barn we got married in, I love the blue sky and  sheep's wool.

Travel or Vacation - a picture taken on vacation or on a recent travel experience...even if it was only a few miles away.: Taken on our honeymoon in Rome.

Summer Days - a picture that reflects summer: Piggyback in the park.

A Day In My Life - a picture of a typical day in your life: Coffee at the station in the morning, usually it's in a flask brought from home, but sometimes I treat myself to a nice latte.

All Smiles - a picture that makes you smile or of smiling faces. My brother and my beautiful sister-in-law got married in July.

Autumn Harvest - a picture that reflects Autumn/Fall. My favourite time of year, C and I collected fallen leaves to use as templates for our own painted versions.

Family or Home - a picture of your family or a picture that represents family/home for you. My whole family, taken at my brother's wedding.

Celebrate! - a picture that reflects a celebration: this one may need some explanation! For my birthday we left C with the grandparents and T and I had an amazing weekend together. We saw Batman at the cinema, visited Hollywood Costumes at the V&A, had a fantastic meal and saw The 39 Steps at the theatre! 

Let's Do It Again... - a picture of something you'd like to do again soon. Day out with friends at Chartwell, this is becoming an annual thing, last year we went to Hever Castle.

I Miss You - a picture of someone or something you really miss.: Same as last year, my 'cuztwin' Vicky, though she's now moved from Dundee to Sheffield so much much closer. This was taken during a brilliant weekend she came to stay, the boy loves her.

Beautiful - a picture of someone or something you find beautiful.: My gorgeous wedding bouquet.

Dress Up - this might be a picture from Halloween or not...but someone who is all dressed up! The unhappiest Halloween Dinosaur ever - he hated dressing up this year.

Macro - share your favourite macro or close-up image: Our wedding favours - sugared almonds

Holidays - a picture from the Holiday of your choice.: August on the Isle of Wight

My Favourite - share your favourite picture or memory from 2012. Also taken on the Isle of Wight, I love this picture, it was our last day, really windy and C and I had one last bracing walk along the seashore. 

Don't Ever Change - something you love about yourself, someone, or something that you never want to change. The fun my boys have playing together.

Just Because...So There! - share any picture(s) that you really want to share, but doesn't fit in any other category. I did some pottery painting on a friend's hen weekend and I loved the bright colour chart they had on the wall.

Hopes and Dreams - share what you hope to come or dream for 2012. Feel free to share an image of your choice. Moving house, our lease ends in July and this time we're looking to move somewhere bigger rather then renew it.

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