Saturday, 20 April 2013


Currently we're enjoying a weekend at home and starting take two on potty training the boy. I'd planned to keep him inside all day with just his new big boy pants on, but the sunshine was so lovely we postponed losing the pull-up until late in the afternoon. C and I had a great walk, I remembered to take my proper camera instead of my phone camera and got some gorgeous shots of him and he remembered to take his football and had lots of fun chasing after it.

When we finally put the pants on at (ahem...) 4pm, he was a little star with proper potty usage and no accidents until bed time.


  1. Oh my, he looks so grown up! I've been awful at blog reading latey, and he's got so big!! Xxx

  2. Yeah, he's a proper little boy and loves to remind us of the fact!

  3. Yay for potty training break throughs! It only gets cheaper from here on out ;) Just wanted to thank you for your comment on my post the other day. Intense Debate has been giving me some problems for a long time now, so your comment was not published. When I try to publish some of my comments, it deletes all of the other ones left previously :( Just wanted to let you know that I got it and truly appreciated it. You're so right, that little babe running around is constant reminder that it can happen again :)

  4. I can't wait to not have to buy any more nappies :) He's doing really well, only one accident yesterday at nursery. Thanks for your note about the comment, it's so annoying when they don't work, technology huh! I'm glad you liked my comment, it's such a horrible, pointless thing to go through but we're both so lucky to already have a little guy.


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