Monday, 15 April 2013

Sunday Night Fever

It started with a cough, nothing serious, just a little cough. On Saturday it got a little chestier. Saturday night, oh my, we were awoken by that pesky cough at 3.30am, it had got deeper from lying on it through the night. The amount of coughing caused little man to be a little sick. So in he came to Mama and Daddy's bed, resolutely lying on top of Mama and not sleeping again until it was time to get up.

A busy day and calpol kept the cough and temperature at bay on Sunday. Home again and the sore throat began, a croaky poorly boy with big sad eyes cuddled up to Mama on the sofa before bedtime. Hot honey and lemon was made and calpol dispensed before bed but that pesky cough would not shift. At 11.30pm little man awoke sick from too much coughing. Daddy brought him into our bed again and I got a hot feverish body lying on top of me. Mr Bump was retrieved from the fridge and used to cool a clammy forehead. Little sweaty fingers wrapped themselves in my hair, and a hot little head snuggled into my neck. And there we stayed until morning.

Doctors, grrr. Ours has a first come first served policy when phoning up from 8am. I couldn't get through for twenty five minutes and when I did, all appointments were taken, the earliest was for 3.30pm the next day. I took a day off work, a day when really I should have been in the office, and little man perked up. Calpol and hot apple juice with lemon and honey have kept him happy, as has a new Peppa pig game on Mummy's Kindle and a walk in the glorious spring sunshine to get some fresh air. Nap time came around and when he woke up he was immediately sick again (his bedding has never had so much washing in so short a time), so more cuddles on the sofa and hot apple juice to drink.

To top it off we've not been able to use the bath/shower for four days, not good when really all I want to do is dump a sickly, sweaty toddler into a haven of warm water and bubbles. Instead we have sponge baths by the sink and wet wipe rub downs. Plumber has yet to appear.

So not a good start the week, I hope yours was better. I have Pilates tonight and will be keeping my fingers crossed that our bed stays ours tonight and the cough begins to subside.

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