Monday, 21 July 2014

36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Things not to forget about pregnancy at 36 weeks

- Hot hot hot, the first day of my maternity leave (17th July 2014) saw the hottest day of the year so far, 28C! With a huge thunder storm in the night the second day started off cool but reached 30C in the afternoon. Baby is like a permanent hot water bottle around my tummy, so lots of ice drinks, foot soaking and sitting in the shade is in order, but there's so much to do. I overdid it on that first day, by cleaning, cooking, baking and mowing the lawn.

- Heartburn is a daily chore, Gaviscon tablets work well when I'm out and about and the liquid works immediately if it hits at home. The little travel pack is a permanent feature of my handbag.

- Baby manages to be pressing hard down on my bladder whilst also kicking into my ribs and lungs.

- Breathlessness, the heat isn't helping, I now get breathless just walking up the stairs!

- Thirst, the heat is making me crave sparkling cold water with ice and lemon.

- Little pushes and kicks. She is just so active, I love having the reassurance though worry she's going to be way more hyperactive then her brother ever was! It is rare that I panic that's she's not moved for a while. The midwife and the maternity guides say that if you're worried to drink a glass of cold water and lie down, but I've not had to do it once, she pretty much moves every couple of hours. Even when she wakes me at 3am, I can't help but smile because she's healthy and well.

- Bio oil, it now takes two squirts from the bottle to cover the bump. I love the smell, it reminds me of my first pregnancy with Charlie.

- Nearly new, now that I'm on maternity leave I'm getting together those final last bits. This week J and I went to pick up a great fisher price play mat from a netmum, we got this along with a scramble bug and leapfrog play table for £45 (saving about £100 on the RRP). They're in almost brand new condition as used at grandma's house. We're lending the bug and table to my 10 month old niece as we won't need them for a while!

- Nursery artwork arrived this week, I now need to get some dusky red card to use as a backing frame so both pictures match the nursery.

- NetMum's Nearly new purchases, bump now bigger than the cat, icy drink and a good book, boy cat bump, cat bump, beautiful baby clothes rolled to look like roses (a present from my work) and the too hot bump in my old beach kaftan!

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