Saturday, 12 July 2014

Pregnancy update 35 weeks

Only 5 weeks to go!

We had the midwife appointment on Wednesday. She's officially no longer breach - yay - and has a nice strong heartbeat. It was beating really fast at first and then slowed down, the midwife explained that this was normal as she'd been pressing down on her head to determine the breach status only half a minute before listening to the heartbeat.

Baby is currently about the size of a honeydew melon, 46cm long and 2.3kg.  She's reacting to sounds and really active with her kicks and jabs. I'm using the 'Kick Me' app to record her movements and her average per day is 555! Charlie is talking to her lots, he often wakes her (and me!) up in the morning, demanding to kiss the bump and say hello to her. He also kisses her goodnight at bedtime and calls her a good girl. His latest name choices are Spanner, Hammer or Elsa (from Frozen).

Mama is having a lovely quiet day today! T is having to work on a Saturday (he's managing his office's move from the Southbank to London Bridge) and C is with the grandparents. I slept until 9am today, something unheard of, I can't recall ever sleeping in that late since C arrived 4 years ago. My bump continues to grow, it's still high and I'm having to sit with my legs slightly apart - not good on the commuter train! I have 3 days left at work before maternity leave and am looking forward to less rushing around. As I don't know anyone expecting in the same area I put an ad on the NetMums Meet a Bump and so have arranged to meet up with two other mamas in the first week of Mat Leave. Both live nearby and we'll be meeting in the park, one has a six week old girl and the other has a 4 year old girl a month younger than C and is expecting her baby in September.

Last weekend we got a few more bits and pieces, a changing mat for the changing table, a newborn bath sponge and a couple of sheets. We have also picked out the gift the 'baby' will bring for Charlie and C chose a soft toy to give to the baby from him.

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