Monday, 23 February 2015

27 weeks

At 27 weeks Eve:
(17th Feb)

- Has started weaning! I'm pretty much doing baby led weaning with a little puree too. Her first food was boiled carrot batons. She's also had cucumber, avacado, sweet potato, bread and banana. Sweet potato and cucumber are her favourites. Not much eating has been going on, but a lot of playing and putting in her mouth, which is a good start.

- Possibly has food allergies. She get's a red rash round her mouth and sometimes has green nappies. She had it with bread and also if I eat a lot of dairy. Going to see the doctor on Wednesday.

- Is smitten with her brother and we're looking forward to a full week of half term with him. He makes her laugh and is constantly interacting with her.

- Had a fun weekend in Wiltshire with Granny and Grandad and Uncle S, Aunty N and cousin I. Walked in the woods, had a (short-lived) bath with big cousin I, sat nicely in the bumbo and ate cucumber and carrots at meal times and had cuddles with everyone, 

- Is getting quite good at moving, no crawling yet but she can get quite far just by rolling.

- The chickenpox is coming to an end, just waiting for the last scabs to fall off. She has a big chickenpox scar on her right eyebrow (just like Mummy) and a few smaller ones on her nose, forehead and scalp. Hoping these will lessen with time.

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