Tuesday, 10 February 2015

6 months old (26 weeks)

Happy half birthday baby girl!

I'm sorry you have chickenpox for it, but at least you're on the mend and happy again, just very very spotty. At 6 months you:

Are getting so social. You love to react to people, to hold up your hands to be picked up, to screech if I leave the room, to laugh when we laugh and cry when Charlie cries. You have the biggest smile which spreads across your whole face when you see someone you love, or even a stranger you like the look of!

Love your big brother. You play with Charlie, grabbing at his clothes and face and hands. We have a game called 'Where's Charlie', I say 'Where's Charlie' and he runs around the room like a mad thing, hiding behind furniture, waiting for you to spot him and coo and gurgle at him. By the end of the game we are all laughing and it's great that your brother is the one to get the biggest laughs out of you.

Love your Daddy. When Tom comes home you give him the biggest smile ever, even just hearing his voice can make you smile.

Love your Mama. I'm definitely your favourite, we spend pretty much all day every day together, and the huge smiles I get when I come into the room make all the fussing and crying and sleepless nights worthwhile. You get so excited to see me, fidgeting in Nana's arms and holding out your hands so I can hold you.

Want to be on the move. You can roll from side to side, flip yourself over to your back if I leave you sitting propped up in the boppi cushion. You do big jumps in the jumperoo, with both feet well off the ground and if I support you, you've started to take baby steps towards the thing you want to play with.

Haven't been weighed for ages. Due to being in chickenpox quarantine for both you and Charlie, but you are so tall and thin, the complete opposite of Charlie who was all chubby and round at 6 months.

Have been wearing 6 - 9 month clothes for weeks. Vests anyway, now that you're six months we've brought out all the beautiful tops and outfits you've been given. Today you're wearing the little bunny top from Aunty N & Uncle S and red stripy leggings with blue polka dots from Nana.

Are getting over chickenpox. You have had a severe case, almost completely covered, my poor love. We got some allergy syrup from the doctors, take warm oaty baths 3 times a day and smother you in calamine lotion. The spots are now on the mend, some of the smaller ones have disappeared and the large ones are scabbing over.

Are going to be weaned! Yesterday you drank water from your sippy cup and tried some broccoli and bread. Today we are going to have carrot batons.

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