Tuesday, 24 February 2015

28 weeks

At 28 weeks Eve:

Is doing so many exciting things now she's 6 months.

Weighs 15lbs, 5oz and is in tracking just above the 25th percentile.

We're taking weaning slowly because of suspected allergies. After seeing the doctor we're keeping a food diary for two weeks. She had a definite reaction to some pasta last Tuesday, and I'm pretty certain dairy doesn't agree with her either.

Cucumber and sweet potato are still her favourites. She's getting good at using a spoon for apple and pear puree and pretty good at drinking from a cup. She has a nuby cup with soft spout and has water with each meal.

She's speaking! Her coos have developed into more word-like sounds. Ga ga ga and Da da da. She is also very very high pitched and can screech like a banshee!

She's rolling, we've got out the foam number mat as she kept rolling off the play mat. I've sold one of the playmats for £7 and will put more up for sale to make some space in the house!

Sleep is still bad, I'm currently reducing the amount of feeds I give her in the night and will then do controlled crying. Also lengthening the amount of time she spends in the cot in her room rather then coming in with us all night. I've spoken to the health visitor who is a 'sleep expert' and she had lots of good tips and some useful leaflets for both the 'gradual withdrawal' and the'controlled crying' methods.

She is ever so ever so clingy! She still hates it if I leave the room and whoever is watching her has to really grab her attention to stop her from noticing I'm not there.

She gives the best nuzzley snuggles, cooing and pressing into me, putting her hand up to my face and giving wet baby kisses. This week she started doing it for Daddy too.

Loved Boppin Bunnies this week. Charlie came too as it was an inset day, she had lots of fun trying to beat a drum, shake a shaker, chewing on a rubber frog and sitting underneath the parachute.

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