Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Welcoming the Olympic Flame

Yesterday the Olympic flame came past my office as it made it's way into London. It's been touring the country for what seems like forever and I haven't seem what the fuss was about until I saw it myself. The flame itself was exactly what you'd expect, a big, tall orange flame in a golden torch, made more shiny and spectacular by the bright sunshine we're currently enjoying after weeks of rain. But it was the spectacle around it that gave it the added magic, yes it was a big money-fest, with each of the main sponsors coming first on lorries and bikes, interspersed by loads of police, but they handed out flags and balloons and the crowd went wild.

Looking at some children next to me I felt a pang of guilt that C-bear had missed out, they were so excited, with homemade flames, the crowd moving so they could be near the front and all the procession smiling and waving at them. It's something the older ones will remember forever, and when your a kid the Olympics coming to your city is almost magical. So although he missed the flame I vowed I'd make more of an effort to get C involved.

And then when I got home hubs told me that he had seen the flame! I had a work author event on Monday night (Zadie Smith - yay), so got in after both my boys were in bed and left the house before they were up (at 6am to do the early shift at work so I could pick up C-bear up from nursery that evening). But the flame had come through Crystal Palace on Monday and his nursery had taken him to see it. I am so pleased that they did this, yes working full time is gutting because I miss out on things like this, but he still got to see it and can tell his grand kids one day that he saw the London 2012 Olympic flame! We're on holiday next week, so I've got a week to do Olympic things with him, hmmmm how to make a cardboard Olympic torch...

Now for photos, I had a camera malfunction, just after I took this photo - can you see the tiny torch on the right? My SD card got full and I couldn't take any more :(

So thank you to my colleague for taking these photos, from B. Waterhouse (you can see my hand and phone infront)

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  1. How fun! I tagged you with The Liebster Award on my blog! Xxx


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