Monday, 6 August 2012

Isle of Wight - a toddler paradise

My plan to write a daily holiday diary blog was scuppered by lack of Wi-Fi or 3G where we were staying on the island. That said, it was quite nice not to check my email for a week!

The IoW brings back memories of childhood day trips, so it was nice to spend a whole week and treat Charlie to multiple days out and ice cream. Here's a little of what we did, first up the beach:

Beach play was really great. Sandown seafront was two mins from our holiday house and perfect for a toddler who loves to run and run.

He was scared of the waves, but the beach was full of rivulets and streams for him to paddle in.
We made three epic sandcastles including a tower and a harbour/pool. He loved hunting for pebbles to put in his bucket.

We hunted for pebbles and shells for Nana, C became really good at finding green treasure - sea smoothed glass - we now have a little glass jar of our finds on the shelf.

The bucket, spade and cat sand shaper set was in constant use - a great bargain found at the ELC. We got a set for little cousin M, but they didn't make it to the beach!

One afternoon Nana and Grandad came too, we hired a couple of sun loungers and spent some wonderful hours letting C run between the water and the sand, playing with all 4 of us. Hubs and I had an epic splashing match in the shallows which ended in him taking a fall into the surf! We had ice cream, took advantage of two rivulets to make a pool and hunted for large pebbles to fill it.

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