Saturday, 25 August 2012

Our week by Android - week 6

Another week, another Instagram fix.

Last weekend we visited Hall Place in Kent, near the in-laws house. It's a beautiful Tudor house with lovely ground, a river and tons of geese.

- Boy, shades, mini milk
- Boy on wall
- Hall Place - boy loved (and was slightly scared of) the hedge 'monsters'
- Hall Place - main house
- Beautiful lavender - C-bear loved the smell
- Back home for a bbq and a railway bridge built from bean cans

- Eating sweetcorn
- Air con broke in the office, moomin was not happy
- Animals on the tracks
- Early morning bus stop
- Murder of crows

- Getting ready for nursery/work
- New braces - he only wore them for half the morning and kept pulling them off his shoulders - but looked soooo cute!
- Daddy caught in the rain
- Decorating gingerbread - eyes, hundreds and thousands and eating it, in a thunderstorm, sheltering under some stairs in the park!

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  1. Oh I love the picture of the trees and the crows. I miss evergreens. Not a lot of them in Hawaii. (: Visiting from agoodlife! You have a beautiful family.


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