Thursday, 30 August 2012

Of trains and dinosaurs

On the bank holiday Monday C-bear and I took an adventure into town to meet a friend at The Natural History Museum. I'm not sure what he enjoyed most; the train ride there or seeing the dinosaurs!

I had a dilemma over whether to buggy or not. Heading onto the underground with C alone is a buggy nightmare, whereas we're at the stage when if there's a mega tantrum a buggy would be much appreciated. In the end I opted to go buggyless and packed light so I could carry him at the busy stations. I'm so glad I took the plunge, there were no tears about getting in and out of the buggy on public transport, I didn't have to rely on stranger's to get up and down steps and C was an angel, walking when I asked him to and staying close in the crowds.

Highlights included:

- Seeing the train shed at Victoria with 'sleeping' trains just like in Thomas.
- Sitting up by the window and counting the cranes.
- Going through tunnels.
- Seeing the animatronic dinosaurs.
- Putting the toy train on an asteroid.
- Eating a raspberry muffin and strawberry milkshake at the shop.

Lowlights included:

- Queueing to get in, it was a massive queue and v hot
- General busyness of the exhibit and crowd constantly pushing to rush you round.
- The OUTRAGEOUS price of the coffee shop, everything was £2.50, so 2 cups tea, a milkshake and 2 muffins was £12.50 - when we go again I'll take a thermos.

Arriving at the museum

Baby Triceratops

Going past Battersea Power Station

He looked so small next to the museum!

Strawberry milkshake

By the leopard cub

Putting the train through the asteroid

Toy train on the train

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