Sunday, 19 August 2012

My 27 month old

Oops meant to publish this week's ago!

This month it's all about making sure your feelings are heard! You talk non-stop mainly telling us what to do "sit on floor daddy", "read that one mummy" or asking questions. Endlessly. To everyone. "what you doin mummy?", "where's yellow crane mummy?", where's bonfire mummy?" (the neighbours had a bonfire a few days ago and it's been the no. 1 topic of conversation since). You also sing nursery rhymes and we get a whole show of them through the monitor at nap time. You learn a lot of them at nursery, I can name any rhyme and you seem to know it, your favourites are Miss Polly (which I really need to look up the words for) and dingle dangle scarecrow. You have a brilliant way with words, yesterday you called the slice of watermelon in The Very Hungry Caterpillar Triangle Cake :) and when we go outside you say "we're out the window".

Yesterday you got your first proper black eye bickering with (i think) your best friend in the book corner at nursery. The staff aren't allowed to tell us who did it, but when I asked you, you said her name and later through the monitor when you were jabbering away about your day you kept repeating "that's my book (name of friend)...." However you've gotten over it quickly, when I questioned you she's still your best friend!

Clothes are become a regular morning negotiation, you want to stick to your favourite 3 t-shirts and only the green pjs, all of which feature trains. It takes some real cajoling to get you into anything else.

The little black engine is the toy of the moment. You take it everywhere you go and when at home playing train tracks is your favourite occupation.

You're going through a growth spurt and this is helping with your fussy ways. You ate corn on the cob and homemade tuna fishcakes on Sunday and eat an apple almost daily. Which is a big step in the right direction.

We bought Tiddler by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler to read on holiday and you love it, it's read daily at the moment. You also love Chicken Licken, though I'm not sure you understand that they all get eaten by the foxes at the end!

You can count to 10 in French, just about. Though you've turned it into a song with Daddy, so now stop at 6. "un, deux, tois, quatre, cinq, six, let me know...FRENCH!"

You are incredibly loving, will happily say "love you mummy, daddy etc" you ask where people are when you haven't seen them for a while and shout "that's my mummy" when I pick you up from nursery. It makes my heart melt. On the flip side you regularly have tantrums when things don't go your way, and sometimes need to be left alone for 5 mins to calm down, when you have, we ask you to you apologise to whoever the tantrum was aimed at, which you do. On the weekend you did this because:

- I carried you inside the house when you wouldn't go through the front door.
- I shut the baby gate to the kitchen when the oven was on.
- We went right to the museum rather then left to who knows where on getting off the bus.
- On numerous occasions Daddy and I made you hold our hands when walking by a road.

We've also had a few weeks of being told to go away. You've picked that up from another child at nursery. We've explained how rude this is and each time you say it we stop what we're doing until you apologise but that just makes you say it followed immediately with a sorry. We're being consistant with this one and you're definitely saying it less so maybe a win is in sight!

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