Monday, 19 November 2012

Beds, guests and fishes

We've had a busy weekend at home. I took the day off on Friday and C and I entertained his best friend, little Miss C and her Mum. I've booked that Fri and another Fri in December off work as the long weeks are wearing thin for C. By the end of the week he's whiny and moany, so a couple of days off are just what we need to get through to the Christmas hols. As we were waiting in for the delivery of the toddler bed, we did lots of indoors activities. We made Christmas wrapping paper with brown paper, glitter paint and heart shaped cookie cutters, we played with the duplo safari and the train set and the two of them sat good as gold watching Peppa Pig as I made pasta for lunch and F went back to her house to get some couscous.

The following day we cleared out C's room, he said bye bye to the cot and T made up the toddler bed. We then had an emergency trip to Mothercare to buy a mattress! I had assumed that as the bed said it took a cot bed mattress we could use the old one, but nope, a bigger one was required.

T dropped C and me off in the park and we went to the station to meet my cousin V. V brought stickers (from my aunt) and chocolate and storytelling skills and C was in awe. At one point he randomly said "I love you" which was really sweet and sincere.

We had a vegan feast of homemade pizza and couscous, guacamole and for dessert Swedish Glace, which I must remember to buy more often because it tastes just like ice cream.

On Sunday we took V to The Horniman, there was a BBC Archaeology event on and C got a sticker for walking in the footsteps of 'Lucy' an ancient ancestor. He also painted a seashell, just like ancient man did long long ago. We saw the fish, the yellow headed jaw fish is still his favourite and the Amazonian tree frogs were another hit.

Back home, after refusing to nap, we had a lazy afternoon playing with jigsaw apps on the kindle and skyping my brother.

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