Monday, 12 November 2012

Belated Birthday Celebrations

This weekend T's parents took Charlie from Fri night to Sun morning, so T and I could have some us time together.

With some free tickets and a great discount offer we made the most of being free to do grown up things and crammed in a lot.

On Fri night we had a meal out and then watched Skyfall at our local Odeon. Cinema is something we rarely do and it was good to see the trailers and watch the film.

On Saturday we got up late, did the supermarket shop then caught a train and a tube to the V&A. I'd done some work with then and scored two free tickets to the Hollywood Costume exhibition. Even better they let us cut the queue and go straight in, saving us a 30 min wait. If you're a film fan, the exhibition is well worth seeing. My favourite was the Indiana Jones costume, the highlights were Dorothy's gingham and 'that' Marilyn Monroe dress. There were so many more, superheroes, glamorous gowns and Darth Vader (who looked v dated with clunky 80s switches on his suit). The main thing I took away was how tiny Hollywood actors are, the waists in the girls were teeny weeny and even the men's suits were not as big as you'd expect.

After the exhibit we wandered around the V&A then looked for Christmas presents in the gift shop and over the road at The Science Museum shop (mental note to take Charlie there, it looks like great fun for a little boy).

We hopped on a bus and did a little shopping in Piccadilly, Fortnum & Masons had all their Christmas displays up but it was unbearably busy.

We then went to our favourite Byron's on Kings Road (we used to go there when we lived in Battersea).

Back into central London we went via Peter Jones on Sloane Square, which had amazing lights outside and in. We saw the new modern 38 route masters (very nostalgic for the RM 19 which took me to and from work when I first lived in Battersea) and mingled with the tourists by the Eros Statue. We then went underground to the Criterion theatre and watched The 39 Steps. It was v funny, the main joke being the 4 cast members played all the different parts.

Back home tired but happy we had a mini lie in and then went to get our boy.

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