Sunday, 24 June 2012

New phone and it's so toddler friendly

After almost a year I've finally got a smartphone that works! Eighteen months ago I got a new hTC which I love love loved for oooh about 3 months and then (on a bumpy river towpath) dropped it, the screen smashed and I had ages left on my contract. Hubbie stepped in with his old phone, but I was suddenly back in the mobile dark ages with an iPhone but no access to the web. Last week I finally got my free upgrade and another hTC phone.

Shiny brand new hTC One S
So, the thing that's come as a bit of a surprise is how many apps there are for my toddler on the phone! My hubs keeps his iPhone hidden from our little one, sticky fingers and possible breakage are enough for him to only get it out when C-bear's not around. However, I've only had the phone for a few days and have stumbled across some gems (and they're all free). See my thoughts below and I'll add more as I find them - if you have an android do let me know your toddler app tips!

Toddler Lock

They say: The perfect app to keep your child entertained. Child lock with colorful graphics and soothing sounds to keep your kids entertained without having to worry about them making calls or starting other apps.

I say: Brilliant, simple and keeps him entertained for at least 5 minutes at a time (which is good, usually he's onto the next thing after a couple of mins). He mastered it super-quick, even working out that you can pull down the blind-like eraser to clear the screen all by himself. I also like the sneaky 'tap each corner clockwise' for me to unlock the lock - I suspect it will be a very long time before he can figure that out!

Toddler Cars

They say: Lots of fun car animation and music to keep your child entertained! Help your toddler learn the names of different vehicles. Tapping on each vehicle shows an animation of it driving by, and plays a fun sound effect along with it.

I say: C-bear loves it, he loves anything with a vehicle, though a pity there's no trains! It's quite American, the accent, the names of the vehicles and the drawings are all from the states (motorcycle confused C because he's used to motorbike) but the music and the animations are great. Only regret I didn't have this earlier, at 25 months C already knows all the names, so it's not teaching him anything, just let's him have fun.

Toddlers Trifling

They say: Toddlers Trifling is an educational and fun game for a toddler. It teaches basic shapes and colours and is suitable for children from a very young age. No reading or writing skills required.

I say: There's tons of games on here, but our favourite by far is popping bubbles! We actually found this after coming home from blowing real bubbles in the park, but here you don't have to contend with a toddler getting more and more frustrated by the wind blowing the bubbles out of reach.

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