Sunday, 24 June 2012

Our week by Android - week 1

In my last post I celebrated the fact that I'm finally up with the 21st Century and have a new smart phone, the celebrations continue as FINALLY I'm able to join in with Amy @ A Good Life - hello! - with these weekly photo posts.

As I'm a full time working mama I'm not sure if I'll ever remember to get mama and baby pics throughout the week, but will give it a go and see what I come up with. So here's the weekend in smart photos from my brand new Instagram account.

Daddy bear and I baked while C-bear napped, we had apple pie, scones, cheese scones and cheese straws. T's Mum had given us TONS of cheese so we wanted to use some of it up... That scone was DELISH. C-bear agreed.

Daddy and C-bear with a piece of the puzzle. Ultimate railway track/animal play. Running into the Horniman Museum. Feeeeesh in the aquarium. Mesmerised by the jellies. Pointing at magpies on a Horniman Museum bench.

A busy week ahead, the nursery is under new management so I'm going to a drop in session tomorrow morning to discuss. Big meeting coming up at work and have got to write up the plans for autumn and Christmas. Next weekend we've got a toddler birthday party and are meeting up with my family to visit Jane Austen's house and generally have fun with everyone and the boy.


  1. What a lovely blog i've stumbled across, now following xx

  2. Yay for you! What's your IG username, I'd love to follow! :) xxx

    1. Just seen your comment - I'm really bad at noticing whether there are comments or not! Follow me at Megr23 and I'll follow you back! Will also repost this on your latest post so you might actually find it :)


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